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Matt Scott flexing and posing with young basketball player
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Our Mission Decorative text
We are unwavering in our belief that everyone deserves to pursue a life of fulfillment, regardless of their physical abilities.

We are deeply committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from achieving their goals and dreams.

We strive to provide resources, information, and opportunities to help people with permanent physical disabilities reach their full potential.
Matt Scott between two flags and wearing a blue suit.
Photo of a young Matt Scott.
Our Vision decorative text

Our vision at Fly Without Limits is a world where people with disabilities have limitless opportunities and can live out their full potential, passions, and dreams.

Our vision is a world where everyone can FLY
FLY is our acronym for Fully Living You. 
We are here to unlock that potential and help our community soar. 

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At Fly Without Limits, our focus is on empowering individuals with permanent physical disabilities through a three-tiered approach. We are committed to breaking down barriers, providing essential resources, and creating opportunities that enable people to fully engage in society, pursue their passions, and reach their fullest potential. Through our dedication to inclusivity and support, we aim to transform lives and foster a community where everyone can thrive without limitations.

Matt Scott and child in basketball chair flexing.
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Fly Without Limits is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, licensed and registered in the state of California. We are a tax-exempt organization, and our donations are tax-deductible.

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